Saturday, 8 September 2007

Apocalypto 2

abufares said...Welcome Back!You should review movies professionally as your reviews will certainly make me look for these titles.A movie I've seen on DVD recently was able to climb on my all-time-favorite list is Apocalypto by Mel Gibson. If you haven't seen yet, please do. I would love to read your review.27 August 2007 08:16:00 GMT

The Syrian Brit said...Welcome back..I still would love to hear about your trip.. cheesy or no cheesy, we want to hear it all!!..
Abu Fares, I really must urge you to reconsider your view of 'Apocalypto'.. There is no doubt that it is an epic by any description, and I do not dispute its 'artistic' excellence, but it contains so many inaccuracies and and down-right lies it is criminal!..Here SOME links to comments from scholars and experts on Mayan civilization, as well as others..
link 1
link 2
link 3
link 4
link 5
link 6
and so on..(Otherwise, just 'google' the word 'Apocalypto', and read some of the reviews..)(So sorry, Syrian in London.. I do not mean to hijack your blog, but I really feel very strongly against the claim that the European conquestadors brought 'civilization' to South America.. What they brought was genocide, starvation, disease, and poverty!..)27 August 2007 19:12:00 GMT

Syrian in London said...Salaam AbufaresI have the film on my to watch list, not at the top though. Once i get there i will look forward to talking about it with you!Salaam27 August 2007 19:59:00 GMT

Syrian in London said...ًWow Syrian Brit, now you're making more eager to watch the film to see for myself as I can't possibly give an opinion before hand.As for hijacking my blog, please feel free at any time :-)
As it happened, your blog about your trip basically summed up all that I wanted to say, and made me think whether this is an expat’s view in general to how things are now back home.
Thanks for the visit & do drop by next time you're in London!27 August 2007 20:28:00 GMT

abufares said...I'm participating in the hijacking process Syrian in London, but please allow me to handle the Syrian Brit mano a mano.
Syrian Brit, I'm already aware of the "few" historical inaccuracies of Apocalypto. I assure you that I believe them to be more of a technical nature.
Link'>">Link 1
I did not find anything in the movie even remotely suggesting that the Europeans brought civilization to Central and South America. Au contraire, in one brief yet potent scene, it conveyed the idea that "from bad to worse". The Mayans,like almost all before and after civilizations used brutality and oppression, politically and religiously. Did it not stir any feelings of deja vu in you. Don't you think we are going through the same process right now?In light of the above, I still love this movie.Please Syrian in London help me out. Watch it soon, write a review.28 August 2007 16:17:00 GMT

The Syrian Brit said...Ya Abu Fares.. Ya Abu Fares.. P-lllease!.. Wikipedia??... I quote National Geographic, and several top archeological experts.. and you qoute Wikipedia?!...I do not dispute that the movie is quite stirring and very interesting from a purely artistic view, but hitorically, it is simply criminal.. My main objection is really to a comment you have made on my Blog, referring to Apocalypto as the best movie ever made about the World history... For a start, the Spanish did not reach America until some 400 years after the demise of the Maya as a major civilization!..And what about the last scene in the movie??.. The serene calm sea, and the Spanish galleons approaching silently and smoothly?.. To me, that suggested that they are bringing peace after the chaos.. civilization to replace brutality and lawlessness.. In fact, the Spanish Conquestadors brought death and genocide, destruction, starvation, syphilis, and other perils!.. and if you want historical comparison.. well, wasn't peace and prosperity to replace oppression and brutality what Bush promised for Iraq?!.. So, yes.. WE ARE going through the same process..As I said before, if this was just another mythical epic, I would have no serious problems with it.. and clearly, from an artistic point of view, it is a fantastic production.. but not as a historical movie..My dear Syrian in London, sorry once again for hijacking your blog.. just tell us to p*** off we outstay our welcome!.. (7akem ne7na ma mnin3ata wish!..)30 August 2007 22:01:00 GMT

abufares said...Syrian BritI interpreted that scene you mentioned differently. I felt that the message meant: "you thought you were in trouble before??? You haven't seen anything yet."I stated on your blog that it's one of my favorite all-time movies and that I consider it the best historical movie ever and I reconfirm my position. Probably, its minor inaccuracies and its superb artisitic qualities made it universal in a sense. It's about civilization and it metaphorically applies to all.31 August 2007 08:19:00 GMT

The Syrian Brit said...Abu Fares,I must admit I did consider your version for interpretting that scene.. However, I felt that was so 'un-Mel Gibson'.. certainly totally unlike the 'new' Mel Gibson, with his new-found religious ideas and beliefs..Nevertheless, I think we are in agreement that the movie is an epic in terms of its impact and artistic excellence. However, I still do not agree that it is a historical document, and I am still of the belief that it contains so much 'White Supremacy' connotations as to make it rather difficult to swallow..I guess that is one thing that we will have to agree to differ upon..Thank you for an interesting debate, Abu Fares.. and thank you, Syrian in London, for allowing us the space to do it.. 01 September 2007 11:44:00 GMT

abufares said...Syrian in London
Shoot us out of our misery. Watch the damn movie, give us a piece of your mind and put an end to our childish squabbles. BTW, it was indeed a good debate.AND, SiL do you like chocolate? Ice cream? m&m's? a good bottle of wine? (p.s. I'm trying to bribe you so that the review goes in my favor)IN TRUTH, SiL... I would love to have all of the above with you :-)
01 September 2007 15:31:00 GMT

Syrian in London said...Dear Abufares & syrian Brit, this has been a most intresting discussion & I have already bought the dvd (couldn't wait till I borrow it) & planing to watch it tonight & hopefully comeback to u this weekend.Now abufares, trying to influance me? Shame on u (I love chocolate anyway) ;-)
01 September 2007 16:07:00 GMT

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patrick roberts said...

yes, i would recommend watching the flick, it's a good flick.