Friday, 7 September 2007

Apocalypto 1


The Syrian Brit said...

So I take it the suspense will soon be over?.. I sincerely hope that this is the prelude to your long-awaited review of the movie that caused so much controversy.. well, at least on this blog anyway!..
I awaited with baited breath!..
(Did you say you like chocolate?.. Belgian?.. Swiss?.. Dark or Milk??..)

abufares said...

OK SiL Come on, you're killing us.
I see what you're doing SB and it's not going to work. I already tried and failed.
BTW, since you've mentioned chocolate and since Ramadan is around the corner and since I'm very hungry right at this moment in time, I will tell you about something I used to love to eat (and which I'm thinking about right now)...
-A double Whopper Extra Everything
-A Large order of Fries
-A large order of onion rings
-A large chocolate milk shake

Eaten all together (i.e. a mouthful is composed of all the above ingredients simultaneously.
It has nothing to do with the matter of hand, but I thought you might like to get a glimpse of my culinary yearnings:-)

Syrian in London said...

fewwwwww, that took some serious fiddling around trying to get the blog and the trailer working properly...

The suspense will soon be over and like all good films the sequence is nowhere as good and I’m not going to break that rule this time ;-)
Chocolate is a whole new blog for me, Belgian milk maybe!!!

Syrian in London said...

God Abufares, I would get a coronery if i do that, but a double wooper with all the rest is not a bad idea (some times, late returning home and feeling cold and miserable)
you will be really disappointed with what i have to say about the film, trust me