Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Thin Line

How many times have we crossed that thin, gray, unnoticeable line that we have at every corner and in every decision we make? The line between friendship and love, the line between love and possession; the line between missing and obsessing and the line between caring and smothering the other with overwhelming attention?

It is so thin this thin line, and most of the time, we are blinded by what we want we cannot think of what is right and we cross so easily without noticing what we’ve done.

Can you go back once you’ve crossed? Or has that thin line shifting and it simply vanishes once crossed? We’re left with that overwhelming sense of guilt, happiness or loss!

Tricky thin line… will I ever master the art of you?



abufares said...

I think you've already mastered the art with this post. You've managed within the confines of a few thin lines to play and to cross back and forth from side to side.
I really wish you could dedicate more time to your blog. I'm awlays intrigued by what I read,
between your thin lines.

Syrian in London said...

Dear Abufares
I'm seriously blushing, your complement is much more than what I deserve...
Funny enough this blog was the result of me waking up at 1am with this nagging thought about thin lines, it was difficult calling anyone to talk about it so I woke up, wrote those few lines and went back to bed.
Thanks for your kind words

BuJ said...

Hmmm a bit unexpected.
Plus your 1am might be someone else's lunch break.

Someone once told me lines are bad. I kinda believe it. We need lines but not with those people that matter.

Like Abu Fares said.. Good post.

Syrian in London said...

Salaam BuJ,
My 1 am is lunch time in mid pacific!
I don't believe that one loses boundaries with those we are closest to; it's not that the lines disappear between the two but they're just better fitted!
Happy to see you hear & thanks for the kind words.

BuJ said...

Salaam SiL :)

1am is lunch in the mid pacific.. moo ghalat!

hmmm i have so much to say about this subject.. but i guess i should just say that i can relate to it.

as for your point about "better fitted" lines.. i have to say that i like that view.

it reflects a more mature, and better compromising attitude, which is something positive :)

thanks for welcoming me here.

abufares said...

Where are you ya Binet?
We miss you!

Syrian in London said...

Salaam Abufares
been arround with lots to do, will be back to my blog shortly