Monday, 12 March 2007

How do you know?

How do you know that you love someone? It’s not only by the good times that you share together but by the bad ones too.

You know when you pass through that time of emotional paralysis were you can’t feel and don’t want to feel anything, when it’s so easy to just open the door and walk away and he understands that, he just stays away, give you your distance but at the same time stay close enough to catch you if you fall, he’ll surround your emptiness and patiently wait till the emptiness is filled again with all that you share.

You know when you cry for no reason but he knows that you need to cry, and he won’t tell you to stop, he won’t tell you that you’re being silly and that tears don’t solve anything; he will just hold you close and allow your tears to run freely on his embrace.

You know, when you realise that your tears, no matter how silly the reason is, are never wasted, are never shed in vain because they just water the love he holds inside for you, he just builds a world that is just for the both of you where nothing is hard, no pain is too great because he just there making the pain go away…

How do you know? When you realise that you don’t have to make sense all the time, because he’ll always know what you mean, when you know that you’re never alone, never again because you have him in your life all the time.

That’s how you know…


Soraya said...

Beautifully said :)
You know also when the language of eyes are the only language you adopt
And from one gaze you understand what he wants or wanna say.


Syrian in London said...

Thanks Soraya, your absolutely right, it's like developing your own private language that no one else know!
Be well..

Andre said...

Beautiful post
You are totally right, men feel hopeless dealing with the emotional life of women,
They want to make sense of everything, offer the best solution possible and then they expect you to stop crying because “it doesn’t make any sense to cry since I told you THE solution, does it?” this is why men talk when they have to listen and suffocate when they have to stay away.

Syrian in London said...

That is the difference between "other men" and the "right man"!

Thanks Andre

abufares said...

The right place.
The right time.
The right man (or woman).
It's hard, but just possible, to get them all together.

Wassim said...

Wow, this stuff is dynamite! I've always wondered what goes on inside the mind of my girlfriend sometimes, this might help!


Syrian in London said...

Happy to see you here. It is very hard and a lot of people spend their life looking for him/her and if one is really really lucky they will find them.

Thought about asking her?! wish you both all the happiness.

BuJ said...

Tulips.. beautiful.

I agree, one of the biggest valleys is that between how women and men think and behave emotionally.

Men often lack the understanding and patience to keep up with the emotional rollercoaster of a woman's thoughts, and as thus we lose our temper and feel helpless which doesn't help.

It's also wise to note that not all the words uttered by an emotional woman should be taken literally, but are sometimes used to test us men on how we react.

Never take things at face value.
Never over-react.

Sometimes however women do not realise that men have emotions too and if you keep using the rollercoaster without maintainance then it will break, possibly with hurting someone too.

So I think we have to just take a step back from those we love and try to understand them better, try to empathise, and ultimately try to love them better.